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Summer Playlist 2014!

10:01 am Angie 2 Comments

Wondering what to listen to this summer as you're soaking up the rays on holiday or maybe you're looking for something to listen to as you're having a mega chill out session? Never fear, for cliché Music Bloggery is here! Delivering emergency services to music, we've lined up a few brilliant singles and albums for you to listen to this summer.

1. Ghost Beach

Ghost Beach are my personal summer favourites and when I recently come across them, they shortly released their début album Blonde. This New York based electronic duo might be a fairly obscure band, but they have performed with the likes of David Guetta, Imagine Dragons and Vampire Weekend. Being quintessentially beach-pop, I think the marriage of powerful vocals, the synthesiser and encouraging use of slap bass make for a perfect summer album! Check out the video for Been There Before, and tell us what you think! Quirky and original, or are they singing the same old tune?

2. Foster the People

We at Music Bloggery are massive fans of Foster the People, so when they released their second album Supermodel, we were jumping for joy! For those of you who don't know, this band received fame with their début single Pumped Up Kicks which eventually landed them a record deal. However, upon listening to their new album, we're not sure how to feel. Of course there are a few songs that really stand out (Coming of Age, Best Friend, Goats In Trees) but the rest of it seems a bit lacklustre and disjointed compared to their first album, Torches. The tracks we think stand out are great summer tracks nonetheless as they allow you to chill and unwind. Check out the video Coming of Age on the right hand side.

3. Charli XCX

Most of you may know her from her amazing 90s dress sense and her hit single Fancy with rapper Iggy Azalea, but Charli XCX A.K.A. Charlotte Aichison is a brilliant artist in her own right. Having experimented with synthesizers from the age of 16, she has made a name for herself on the pop scene (although she's more synthpop).  She's gained even more recognition for her single Boom Clap for the film The Fault in our Stars, but we don't recommend this song as it's not even her best work. We love her 2013 single, SuperLove - it's got everything a good song needs, catchy beat and a stellar sing-along hook. The only thing I would say about this song is that the lyrics are a bit generic ('You're the bullet and you're making me draw/please save me') but nonetheless, it's a addictive song. Check the song on the right and tell us what you think!


Brilliantly embracing that classic 80s sound, any single from Haim's Days are Gone album is a perfect chill-out song. My favourite has to be My Song 5 purely because of the energy and fierce rhythm of the drums alongside the overarching tone. Oh and that bridge! The guitar riff is INTENSE! Haim are a band named after the surname of three sisters from California, USA who grew up listening to their parents' 70s record collections. Having worked together and performed around the country for years, the sisters eventually got signed and released their début album, Days are Gone. We personally recommend Forever, The Wire, Honey & I and If I Could Change Your Mind for summer listening, check it out and tell us what you think!

5.  St. Vincent

My goodness, I LOVE this woman! Thanks to the handy last.fm app (follow xAnthonyKiedis if you've got it), I've broadened my musical horizons and listened to some new music. Last.fm recommended St. Vincent for me, and after buying her most recent self-titled album (released this February) I have to admit, I'm instantly hooked. Her music can only be described as a creative pop rock/synth explosion. I first fell in love while listening to Rattlesnake because the intro is so goddamn catchy and her guitar solo, is quite frankly groundbreaking. Anyway, enough praise from me, listen to her yourself!

Keep checking this page as I'll be adding more songs throughout summer!

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