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Exclusive: New Red Hot Chili Peppers Video!

8:34 am Angie 1 Comments

That's right, earlier today, the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers released their long awaited music video for their great track from the new album, 'Look Around'. This song is a fast paced uplifting song, which is quite synonymous of the band. The song is a typical concert song. By that, I mean that it's a great song to get the audience pumped up - the clapping in the chorus really proves this.
     In terms of the video, it's a really cool, artsy style video that really outlines each band member's individual personality. The video features each band member in their own room. For example, there's Flea doing his signature crazy dance moves with an equally crazy lady, in one room, Anthony with his actual son, Everly Bear in another, Chad drumming and boxing away in a different room, and finally, Josh, the latest addition to the band, simply sitting in a darkly lit room, reading with a lamp.  I love how they've brought all of their personalities together, by Anthony running through each room (2:30).
     If you didn't know already, I'm a hardcore RHCP fan, or as I call it, THE RHCP fan! Although I agree it's no 'By The Way', the video itself is very interesting and inspiring in it's own right and I definitely recommend giving it a watch. If you're really interested in how it was made, make sure you check out the official making of video below the official music video.



Where'd They Go?! [Version One.]

12:54 pm Angie 3 Comments

Thought I'd add a new segment for the blog. This segment simply discusses various rock artists and their seclusion from the music industry. Hence the title - 'Where'd They Go?!'. The idea for this segment came to me while I was thinking of the New Zealand born indie musician, Ladyhawke. I was introduced to her quirky, odd style of music when I first began listening to rock music. Made famous by her hit song, 'My Delirium.' and other acclaimed songs such as 'Paris Is Burning', 'Dusk 'Till Dawn' and 'Magic', this Kiwi girl is just getting started.

Ladyhawke's been away from the music scene from quite some time. Ever since she released her debut 2008 album, she's been out of the limelight for a while. It got me to wondering where she went to, and don't you worry music fans, Ladyhawke's planning on making her comeback this year! That's right, Ladyhawke's is planning on releasing her follow-up album on the 19th of March, and us fans can't wait!

If you've been living in a cave all of your life and don't know who Ladyhawke is, you should start by listening to her self-titled, 2008 debut album. Every song on the album is a new burst of synthesiser quirkiness. Check out the video for 'My Delirium' below. A real female equivalent to MGMT, I would say.


Watch Out, It's Coming This Way! [Version Two.]

11:29 am Angie 4 Comments

Okay, so I'm going to be pretty busy this month because I've got tons of school work and exams coming up, so I have to at least try to revise, therefore I might not post as much as I have been recently.
So, before I go on my little break for a while, I'd like to show you a song has recently grown on me. Now, I remember hearing it when it first came out, and I did like it. However, when I heard it more and more on the radio, I fell in love with it. This song is by new British alternative soul artist, Michael Kiwanuka, and it was released this year in 2012, as his second release. It's a truly beautiful song, stripped of any falsities. It's really just an  acoustic song with a simple melody and simple lyrics, but the way Kiwanuka has brought them all together is really amazing. I know it's been done before, but I don't think it's been done quite like this.
     Kiwanuka is definitely an artist to look out for in 2012. I can just tell this year is the year for him - when he will rise to fame.


The Maccabees - Given To the Wild - Album Review!

2:34 am Angie 0 Comments

'Given To The Wild' is the new 2012 release from British indie rock band, The Maccabees. This is the
third studio album release from the London based band. The whole sound of the album was quite a transcendental, eerie sound. The band's first single from the album, 'Pelican' is fast paced, repetitive and just too damn catchy! I personally like the meaning of the song. How I interpreted it as was that we grow older, holding more and more responsibilities on our shoulders until we die. What's your interpretation? Have a go in the comments below!

The album starts off with a two minute instrumental, then immediately carries on into the second song, Child. This song is one of those songs that starts off beautifully harmonious, and continues doing so until it reaches the last minute or so, where it becomes more louder and builds into a crescendo-style instrumental. There's quite a few songs in the album that use this same technique which becomes a sort of motif of the album. The album itself is a much more refined version of the band. If you have a listen to their older stuff on their album 'Wall of Arms', you'll find that it's quite a mish-mash of different ideas and I find they don't work as well as 'Given To The Wild. With better piano melodies on songs such as 'Ayla' and much more experimental, emotional lyrics, it makes for a much more pristine album.

However, there are a few things that didn't really stand out for me. For example, the title of the album is Given To the Wild, and as the album artwork suggests (a picture of a bushfire in a deserted area), you would think the sound would be more similar to the sound of their first album Colour It In, a more 'wild' sound, yet it is more peaceful and toned down. How can you be given to the wild if the sound is completely the opposite?

If you know me well, you'll know that I hate when you can't hear the lyrics of a song properly. With such a good sound, the fact that vocalist Orlando Weeks doesn't make an effort in actually enunciating his words and making sure that they're clear to the listener ruins the experience for me. It's only when I actually research the lyrics that I understand what he is saying fully and therefore enjoy the song a whole lot more. I just don't understand why there is such a style in indie music of having distorted vocals and not singing like a normal person.

Another point is that a lot of the songs have a habit of sounding similar to one another. I know this is bad of me, but it usually takes me a while before I become completely used to an album, and can be trusted to remember the song fully when I haven't listened to it recently. With this album, it took me about 10 listens before I remembered most the album off by heart, which tells you something really. I found that songs like Glimmer and Heave (to name a few), were too similar to one another, and I just hoped that they would have more experimental songs on the album, with it being called Given To the Wild.

So, for the following reasons, I am awarding The Maccabees' Given To the Wild a 4/5 stars! A very good effort, but for me, still needed a but more something. There's potential for more chart-toppers, but there are no actual hits there.

Music Bloggery Recommends: Pelican, Child, Feel To Follow, Glimmer, Go, Slowly One, Grew Up At Midnight


7 Days of Blink-182! [Day Seven - Sunday!]

4:07 am Angie 0 Comments

Here it is, the final day of our '7 Days of Blink-182' segment. I've been saving this song for the last day as it is one of my favourite Blink-182 songs. It's simple, emotional (as always!) and it's sombre tone just leaves you in a morbidly pondering state.

The bass riff in the intro sways with your soul, and when I first listened to it, I became captivated by the song. The thing I love about it, is that it's not a quintessentially Blink-182 song and the fact that on the same album, you've got upbeat songs like 'All The Small Things' and 'What's My Age Again?' contrasts really well with this song.

The song marks the first step in Blink's road to maturity, later achieved on their 2003 self-titled album on songs like 'I Miss You' and 'Always'. With Hoppus' dark vocals and the strings on the guitar turned a step down, it's a song that delves much deeper into the thoughts of the band. With the rest of the album (Enema of The State) being quite upbeat and in quite a toilet humour style, this song runs away from that idea.

Once again, the lyrics are synonymous of Blink-182. You've got your simple yet effective lyrics which are poetic in their own way. (They should be, considering Mark Hoppus is an English Literature major!) The reason why I emphasise on the band's lyrics is because usually with a punk-rock band, they're more on the fun side (as Blink-182 are most of the time), however, they rarely delve into the more emotional side. The great thing about this band is that they're not scared of doing it, and they do it, is the main point I'm making here!

Anyhow, before I end up on a tangent, this song is definitely a song you've got to listen to. It's 'Adam's Song', if you non-Blinkers out there didn't guess already. Check it out below.


7 Days of Blink-182! [Day Six - Saturday!]

5:01 am Angie 0 Comments

The penultimate day and yet another amazing great Blink-182 song. This song, 'Down' is released from the band's self titled 2003 album, which some people regard their best album (including me). I find the song quite similar to 'Feeling This'. Nevertheless, it is still a great song.

The repetitive singing of the word 'down' as the hook works really well, and doesn't fail to get into the listener's head straight away. According to guitarist Tom DeLonge, the song came from a picture he had in his head about a girl and a boy in a car with it raining outside (hence the repetition of the word 'down' in the chorus). The song is on the same album as 'I Miss You', but I find that it's still a great song and it's too underrated. It did feature on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart, but quickly fell off, therefore the song received mixed success. The song begins with a great punk rock riff that is consistent throughout the song.
The video features the actor Terry Crews who you may recognise as playing the father in the TV sitcom 'Everybody Hates Chris' as a policeman entering a backyard party (in which the band are attending), in search of a gang member, resulting in a chase. It's another one for the books, so make sure you give it a watch!


7 Days of Blink-182! [Day Five - Friday!]

9:01 am Angie 0 Comments

The video for today's song, I find hilarious. The video is like 'All The Small Things' part two, seriously. Today's song is 'First Date', from the 2001 release 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket' and it features a parody-style video with the three band members.

It's got an awesome guitar hook which makes the song completely memorable. Once again, it's a song completely synonymous of Blink-182, and I believe it works so well. I personally like the contrast between the meaning of the song and the video itself. The song is quite a sweet song talking about new love. 'When you smile, I just can't wait, to take you out on our very first date.', yet the video is completely the opposite, and it's a nonsense video really, which is expected of this fun band. The video itself is hilarious and I love how the band just have fun without the need to make money. Anyhow, I won't bore you any longer, it's a great song, so listen to it! (That's an order, not a request!)


7 Days of Blink-182! [Day Four - Thursday!]

8:52 am Angie 1 Comments

So we've had two of Blink-182's biggest hits, and now it's time to feature an equally good, but less known single. It's taken from the album 'Take Off Your Pants and Shirt' and it's a great rock classic. The video itself is really well done. Although the concept's been done before, it hasn't been done quite like this. It's your typical punk rock skater music video with a twist. Blink-182 get some cash from the record company, and the video is following them around showing us what they do with it.

The chorus, yet again, is catchy and the lyrics are simple yet effective, which is quite synonymous of the band. The fast paced, upbeat tempo will leave you jumping for more (even if you are jumping in your imagination).If you hadn't been on the ball, the song is 'The Rock Show'! Yet another great Blink song that's well worth listening to!


7 Days of Blink-182! [Day Three - Wednesday!]

9:26 am Angie 1 Comments

This is the third instalment of our '7 Days of Blink-182' segment and we've already featured one massive hit - time for another one! Today's song is one of the band's biggest hits, selling more singles than 'All The Small Things'. Although 'All The Small Things' gained more radio play,  this song had more sells through singles. The song was a top ten hit single in the UK, peaking at number eight in the charts in 2004.

 This song defines the new-found maturity of the band and it is the first of many heartfelt romantic Blink-182 songs to come. With a catchy chorus and beautifully simplistic lyrics which still manage to capture the raw yearning of love, this song is most definitely one of the band's most iconic songs and will be remembered for a very long time. If you hadn't guessed already, today's Blink-182 track is, 'I Miss You', and even if you think you haven't heard of it before, trust me, after listening to the chorus, you know that you've heard it before.


7 Days of Blink-182! [Day Two - Tuesday!]

9:17 am Angie 0 Comments

For day two of our '7 Days of Blink-182' segment, we're featuring one of the most popular Blink-182 hits which gave them more credibility, gaining popularity for their irrelevant sense of humour and catchy songs. That's right, if you hadn't guessed already, it's the 2000 release, 'All The Small Things'! This song is a great punk-rock classic, and the video is a great parody style which highlights the band's great sense of humour. Released from the band's 2000 album release 'Enema of the State', it is the band's highest-charting song of their career to date, teaching number six on the Billboard Hot 100.
Make sure you check it out!


7 Days of Blink-182! [Day One - Monday]

9:48 am Angie 6 Comments

Okay, so to pay tribute to one of my favourite punk-rock bands who have been consistantly good throughout the years, we're feauring one outstanding song everyday this week by the wonderful, Blink-182! TNext week, who will it be, no-one (apart from me, really) knows! If you would like to request a band, feel free to comment below.

Today we're featuring the new Blink-182 track off the new 2011 release 'Neighborhoods', entitled 'After Midnight'. The reason this song is featured is because it's simple Blink-182 at it's best. The lyrics are similar to that of 'I Miss You'. Travis Barker (drummer) has actually stated how this song is his favourite of the new album and the band have agreed that it's like 'I Miss You' part 2. The song shows a much more mature Blink-182, as does the video. If you look at the band's older stuff, such as the video for 'Dammit', one of the band's first singles, you'll see the complete transformation from boys to men. The video features a boy and girl, both in a Youth Psychiatric Ward, both clearly have feelings for each other and they're just letting loose and having some fun, even if it is for a short while. It's quite sweet really. A very good song too, make sure you check it out in our first installment!


Orange Juice - Rip It Up - Album Review!

1:48 am Angie 3 Comments


Orange Juice was a Scottish post-punk, new wave band, first formed in Glasgow, Scotland. Rip It Up is the second studio album by the band, and it was first released in November 1982. This album features the self-titled song Rip It Up, which was the first and only song to feature in the UK Top 40 (It featured at no. 8).

When you first listen to the album, you'll be confused yet intrigued as I was, simply because of the collaboration of odd, slightly dark vocals with upbeat synthesisers and extended saxophone solos. The modulated vocals of frontman Edwyn Collins work really well with the fast-paced guitar and rhythmic drums. Part of the reason I believe this album works really well, is because of the mash-up of upbeat, constantly changing melodies and almost unrealistic vocals with the poetry of the lyrics. The sound of the band is quite a nonsensical one, however, if you take a look at the lyrics, they are quite poetical in their own way. 'When I first saw you, Something stirred within me, You were standing sultry in the rain'. Yes, it's no Shelley or Poe, but they are beautifully simple in their own way.

The album is a giant boiling pot of completely different songs, yet they all go together perfectly. For example, songs such as Breakfast Time, (a perfect nostalgia song by-the-by) is incredibly slow paced, and literally on the next track, it's the polar opposite and the pace is much faster on I Can't Help Myself and Flesh of My Flesh

'Rip It Up', is not a quintessentially indie album, so I came to discover. When listening to it fully, it reminded me of the African sounds of the modern American band, Fool's Gold. It seems to me there is some sort of African language being spoken on A Million Pleading Faces and Hokoyo (correct me if I'm wrong), which made the tracks much more interesting and I think it's great how the band are so in tune with other cultures.

In terms of themes, the album is very consistent. The title, derived from the self-titled first track on the album summarises the whole album and what it is inevitably all about, and the title for the track is taken from the lyric in the song 'Rip it up and start again'. Rip what up exactly, I don't know. It could be ripping up the time vortex to start again, or ripping up anything, really. It's all open for interpretation. (So make sure you share your interpretation in the comments section!). But initially, the album is about love and the loss of it. To be honest, I'm quite bored of the topic of love. I understand why people choose to write about it, because it is raw, human emotion, and because of various experiences, but to be honest, I'm tired of artists singing about love. It's a matter of opinion, but I'd like to see more artists talk about death and a completely opposite theme. It's very rare that music artists choose to do so, which is why it would be interesting to see. 

However, I did get the feeling that the band were trying too hard to come across odd and quirky when they're not at all. Collins' vocals seemed too staged and slightly melodramatic to me. For example, on the track Turn Away, Collins' vocals sound completely different to his vocals on songs like Breakfast Time, and to be honest, I much prefer his vocals on Turn Away as they sound more natural. 

So, for the reasons given, I am awarding 'Rip It Up, a 4/5 stars! Don't get me wrong, Although I did enjoy the album, there were a few negative things that stood out in my mind. The great thing about this album and the band in itself is that there's no one genre that you can define them as. The frequent use of synthesisers on Hokoyo would make you think 'electronica', yet the extended saxophone solos on songs like I Can't Help Myself make you think 'jazz'.

Share your views in the comment box below!

Music Bloggery Recommends: Rip It Up, A Million Pleading Faces, Turn Away, I Can't Help Myself and Hokoyo


Music Bloggery's Song of The Week - Week One!

4:04 am Angie 0 Comments

We've introduced a new feature here at Music Bloggery, and it's our song of the week! A song that pushes all the boundaries and is outstanding in our minds will be featured on the blog every week! This week it is 'Pelican' by the British indie rock band, 'The Maccabees'. This song is the first single off the band's new January 2012 release 'Given To The Wild', which will be released this Monday (9th January)! (I will be getting my hands on their new album and will be reviewing it soon, so watch this space!)

Pelican is a great song, with such a quintessentially indie chorus that it will leave you singing for more. The video itself is pretty odd, but it is pretty cool, if you do ask me. The Maccabees are definately a band to watch out for in 2012, so make sure you check out this great indie song!


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