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Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History - Album Review!

9:32 am Angie 0 Comments

Tourist History, the début studio album from the Northern Irish indie band, Two Door Cinema Club, was released February 2010 and it was not without positive reviews. The indie band sky-rocketed to quick fame with the release of singles such as I Can Talk and Undercover Martyn.

When listening to this album, I thought that it was a vibrant, eclectic mix of fast-paced bass and guitar. Their music gives off quite a pop-punk, upbeat, techno sound. Especially when listening to the Deluxe Edition of the album. The normal edition of the album is comprised of 10 normal songs. However, the Deluxe Edition comprised of 11 remixes, more songs than on the actual album! I found this not only overwhelming, but slightly repetitive and pointless. Most bands usually feature a separate album for remixes, but I was a little surprised to find they would have all the remixes on the same album. That in mind, there's only one remix on there that I really loved. Come Back Home (Is Tropical Chilla Black Edit Remix) has a real Dubstep style to it, and it instantly makes me want to get up and dance. If you know what's good for you, check out the link below and give the remix a listen!

The songs on the album are all really fast paced and there's no doubt about it, they're all pretty catchy too! However, when listening to all of the album, I found that it started to get a little repetitive. They used the same instruments in the same style and for some songs, you couldn't really tell them apart. Although, there were a few exceptions to this. Songs like Something Good Can Work and Kids sound slightly different from the rest of the album. Something Good Can Work has a beach pop sound to it, and Kids sounds much more powerful as opposed to the rest of the album.

So, because of the reasons given, I am awarding this album a 4/5 stars! The sound of the band sounds very original and unique, however, given the fact that a lot of the songs sound the same slightly ruins the experience for me and it therefore becomes a little repetitive.

Music Bloggery Recommends: Something Good Can Work, Kids, I Can Talk, What You Know, Undercover Martyn, Come Back Home and Do You Want It All?


Watch Out, It's Coming This Way! [Version Five]

7:10 am Angie 2 Comments

This week has been a great week for music. We've had the release of M.I.A.'s new music video, and now sees another one! That's right, if you hadn't guessed already, Coldplay released their video for the upcoming single 'Charlie Brown' from their 2011 release 'Mylo Xyloto'! The video features two young loves having fun and strolling the town. In the midst of all of this, Coldplay are playing in what seems to be a brightly coloured club. It's all a bit of old-fashioned fun, really. Accompanied by a peacefully beautiful song. Check it out!


Watch Out, It's Coming This Way! [Version Four]

2:41 pm Angie 1 Comments

M.I.A. released her first single 'Bad Girls' from her untitled new album, to be released later this year. The artist, famously known for her 2008 hit 'Paper Planes' is planning on releasing her album in 2012. The video was officially released on the 3rd February 2012 and received popular ratings by the public, quickly gaining over one million views on YouTube. The song has influences from Asian instruments and has a middle eastern sound to it. With a great repeated hook ('Chain hits my chest when I'm banging on the dashboard'), it's hard for the song not to get in your head and with just one listen of the song, you're immediately hooked.


Watch Out, It's Coming This Way! [Version Three]

8:44 am Angie 0 Comments

Bombay Bicycle Club have just released the video for their upcoming release from their third, most recent 2011 album, 'A Different Kind of Fix'. The track is called 'How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep', and it is the first track on the album, with hits such as 'Shuffle' and 'Lights Out, Words Gone', soon following after.
    The video is a short animation film, created by director Anna Ginsberg, the video follows a little clay animation boy and his journey onto the moon and back. The way it's constructed is really quite beautiful and it works really well with the song. When I actually watched the video, the animation reminded me of the video for the song 'Bedshaped' by the British indie band, Keane. Check them both out below and see the similarities! Anyhow before I go on one of my classic tangents, I definitely recommend giving it a watch and going out and buying the album.



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