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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Brendan's Death Song [Official Music Video]

10:33 am Angie 0 Comments

The alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers released the official music video for their new single 'Brendan's Death Song'. The band, having earlier this year being entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after a second try, released this fifth single from the album. The song itself was about a close friend of the band, Brendan Mullen passing away recently, and the song is a homage to him and I think it's just discussing the general idea of death, considering the band have come so far and they're all getting older with children.

The music video sees the band leading the funeral procession with the loved ones and friends following them. It then shows the band performing in front of these people, with the words 'Death Song' written in fire in the background, which looks quite cool. This song overall is very sombre and peaceful, and at times quite profound, I believe. I'll leave you all to take a look, and comment your thoughts!


Lana Del Rey - National Anthem Official Video!

10:18 am Angie 0 Comments

Alternative sadcore artist Lana Del Rey released the official video for her new single 'National Anthem' this week, and it received great popularity with the fans after it was seen trending on Twitter. After her increased popularity from her single 'Born To Die', this track is the fifth single to be released from the album. The video sees the artist singing 'Happy Birthday Mr President' as Marylin Monroe famously sang to President Kennedy in 1962 and then follows the story of Del Rey's life as the wife of a black president, who is seen to be Kennedy, which I found quite interesting. We see Del Rey surrounded by her children and her husband throughout the music video, and towards the end, the assassination scene of President Kennedy is re-enacted with a small monologue soon after.

In terms of the President being seen as a black man, I think this symbolizes how colour is irrelevant and perhaps if History had been different, we would have had a black President a lot earlier. I also think she's modernizing history, if that makes sense! For example, when she sings the Marylin Monroe song at the beginning, I think what she's trying to say is that she wants to be the modern Marylin Monroe and she represents the style and elegance that Monroe portrayed. Also, there's a part of the music video where Lana is dancing with a group of men which resembles modern society. There are tons of ways to decipher this video, with tons of opinions. Comment below and share your thoughts!


Coldplay - Princess Of China ft. Rihanna

3:43 am Angie 0 Comments

Coldplay released the official video for 'Princess of China' featuring Rihanna. When I first heard the song, I was surprised to find that Rihanna wasn't using all her power to show-off her vocal range or to overpower the song. I believe Chris Martin and Rihanna's voice merge well together - you have the low bass tones of Martin with the background harmony of Rihanna. 

However, when I first heard the two were collaborating, I was not too happy. Of course, Coldplay have always been an extremely popular, mainstream band. But when I heard that Rihanna, (some would say an even bigger R&B star) was featuring on the track I was slightly disappointed because to me, it shows that Coldplay are trying hard to reach a genre of music that just isn't them, that they're almost begging for new fans when they have millions already. There was really no need to stick Rihanna on the album. Oh wait, there was one reason - money.

In terms of the music video, it seems a mish-mash of different stereotypes that just fails to achieve an end point, really. Check it out below. 

Disagree with anything? Comment below!


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